Angel Touch Transcription, Inc. - Specializing in Quality Scoping Services
About Us
A scoping and transcription organization built on high ethical standards and integrity specializing in producing the highest quality of scoping and transcription services to court reporters throughout the United States.
Angel Touch Transcription, Inc. is a knowledgeable and successful Scopist/Transcription company with over 15 years of practical/standard scoping and transcribing experience.  Our background boasts of, however, but not limited to, trials, depositions, and hearings, along with other areas within the court reporting industry.  We are affiliated with a myriad of court reporting clientele across multiple states; detail-oriented and able to prioritize "almost final transcripts," which reduces editing time for the court reporter.  We have demonstrated success meeting deadlines, assisting court reporters with their dictionaries, and providing technical support for CaseCATalyst as necessary.
Company Qualifications
¨ Brown College of Court Reporting
¨ SetDepo, Inc., Atlanta, GA (transcript production)
¨ Quality Scopist / Transcriptionist
¨ Fluent in English Grammar skills
¨ Knowledgeable of Legal & Medical Terminology
¨ Produce accurate and verbatim transcripts in a timely manner
¨ Read Steno
¨ Utilize various communications media to establish and produce professional services
¨ 15+ years in the industry
¨ Utilize Current CaseCatalyst Software w/AudioSync
Company Highlights
- Fluent w/Machine Shorthand
- Quality Transcripts - "cleaned"
- Efficient in Meeting Deadlines
- Minimize Final Editing Process
- Maximizes "Edit" Shortcuts Within CaseCATalyst